Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number

Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number

Hotmail- Features and Some Queries Related Hotmail

Hotmail is stated as the top company of webmail, tasks, contacts and calendaring services. Hotmail was obtained by Microsoft in the year 1997 at an approximated amount of $ 400 million. The organization was discovered in the year 1996 by Saber Bhatia and Jack Smith. Now in the existing conditions, this webmail is modified to outlook and work as the style it has never been before. Users have the facility to create their Hotmail Account and access whenever they want as our Hotmail Number is always there present on our site. In case, they are facing any problem then they have the facility to contact Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number. There are some of the queries which one needs to get resolved from a technical person. So make a call whenever you want.  

Let’s discuss some of the features of Hotmail

There are many features of Hotmail today which are used up by many users. Some of its features include keyboard controls that can navigate around the page without using the mouse. Users can take Hotmail Technical Support if they want more updates on their Hotmail account.

Hotmail Calendar

Outlook Live time-management web app was first released on January 14, 2008.  This app was utilized as  Windows Live Calendar which further was updated to the Wave 4 release on June 7, 2010. on April 2, 2013, it was updated with Microsoft's Metro design in a phased roll-out to users. The calendar features an interface to desktop calendar applications. These applications are window calendars and support iCalendar files which allow users to import calendar entries into their calendars. Ajax technology is used which enables users to view, add and drag and drop calendar events from one date to another without reloading the page, and features daily, weekly, monthly. Hotmail Sign In and tap to various desktop calendar applications. This feature also features a to-do list function for users to keep track of their tasks to be completed. Calendar events are stored online which can be viewed from any location. Well, Multiple calendars can be created and shared by different levels of permissions for each user.

Hotmail People

Hotmail Outlook contacts management service allows users with access to their contact profiles and information allowing them to share different information with different groups of people. It has an address book and people offer integrated services with social media. In this, the Contacts are automatically updated in real-time. Whereas the service allows for the removal of duplicated contact entries when imported with the profile. Users have the facility set limits on what parts of their contact details can be seen by others.

How To recover your Hotmail Account?

If you want to recover your account users have to follow the steps by searching online or the other way is to take Hotmail support which is by sure the most trusted and time-saving output. Let’s check out the steps that can get back your old Hotmail account.

  •  First of all, open the Hotmail site
  • On the left side of the screen tap right click on deleted items
  • Press recover deleted items ( this possibility is near the bottom of the right-click menu.
  • Now click the checkbox to the left of each email  that you want to restore
  • In the top left corner of the Hotmail page click recover
  • Now click ok ( by doing so it will restore the selected emails to your inbox.

The steps are very easy to perform and even a less technical person can easily perform then. If you are stuck at some point directly call us on our Hotmail Hotmail Phone Number. The professionals are very dedicated towards every query users have for them. Hotmail Help is always there even if you make a call on odd hours. Hotmail customer professionals are available all round the clock.

How To sign in on Hotmail?

Hotmail’s fabulous image is merged with Microsoft outlook, so whenever you open your Hotmail account it is the same thing as opening your outlook account. Users can use the Microsoft Outlook to access your account on both desktop and mobile principles. Let’s check out the points to open Hotmail.

  • Go to Hotmail
  • Click sign-in which is there in the middle of the page
  • Enter your Hotmail email address
  • Click next which is present below the text box
  • Enter your password
  • Click sign in

You’ll successfully get into your Hotmail account. This procedure is through a computer or desktop. Now in the below steps we will follow the procedure if you want to open Hotmail through your mobile device. Let’s check out the steps below if you are performing steps through your mobile device.

  • Open Hotmail for which  a user has to tap the Hotmail app icon
  • Click get started which is present in the middle of the screen.
  • Now enter the email address which you’ve kept while created the account
  • In the lower right side of the screen, tap continue
  • Enter your password
  •  Tap sign in

This will take you to your account and you can perform the task that you want to. The steps are very simple for both Hotmail through desktop and Hotmail through mobile devices. Whether you are using iPhone, Android, tablet or mac all are required these steps to open the account. If after following the steps, still, you have a problem then make sure you directly make a call on Hotmail Customer Service Number.

How To Contact Hotmail Customer Service Representative?

Contacting Hotmail professionals is not at all difficult. Users have the facility to establish contact through various modes of communication. Users can engage through SMS, email or can come to live chat immediately with one of our technical people. You even have a facility to get in touch through making a call on their Hotmail Customer Service Number. This way, it is easy for users and they don’t have to think about it. The professionals can easily get in touch through any modes of communication. The query can easily troubleshoot if users are facing any query.


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